Arabica Coffee – Solok Minang


Arabica Coffee Solok Minang is an Arabica coffee roastingan from MrOCoffee   roaster with specialty Arabica coffee beans that are processed in full washed process.

Region: Solok – West Sumatra
Process: Full Washed process
Variety: Kartika, Lini S, Andungsari
Altitude: 1200 MDPL
Notes: Spicy, Nutmeg, Tangy

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Region : Solok – Sumatra Barat
Process : Full Washed process
Variety : Kartika, Lini S, Andungsari
Altitude : 1200 MDPL
Notes : Spicy, Nutmeg, Tangy

Net Weight

200 gr


whole beans, grounded


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